Attack of the Drones – Realtors Need To Be Aware of the Risks

Attack of the Drones – Realtors Need To Be Aware of the Risks

Drone photography has become a valuable tool for Realtors wishing to showcase their listings.  While certainly a great tool, there are significant risk factors for any Realtor who operates a drone or subcontracts a drone operator to capture real estates video and images.

Some things to consider:

  • Use of drones has grown dramatically in recent years.
  • The skies are crowded not just by Realtors, but by hobbyists and other commercial users.
  • Drones are no longer only used for filming rural or cottage properties.
  • Reports starting to come in regarding an increasing number of accidents.
  • Accidents are primarily due to mechanical malfunction versus operator error.
  • One drone operator is being investigated for the potential cause of a death.  This is a growing area of risk for Drone Operators and the people who hire them!
  • If the accident is serious enough, the Realtor who hired the Drone Operator could be named in a costly lawsuit.

Real Estate DroneTIP: Ask for proof of drone insurance from your photography person.

Do not accept a verbal acknowledgment of insurance because the Courts won’t!

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