Dave’s Story (Part 1)

Dave’s Story (Part 1)

Home Insurance Audits from HomeGuard provide Financial Planners and Realtors with the opportunity to enhance their brand and get more clients.  One of our Realtor partners provided their client, David, with a complimentary Audit.

Here’s Dave’s story.

After discussing the results of his Home Insurance Audit with HomeGuard, Dave insisted on meeting with his Insurance Agent the next day.

Dave was with his Agent for over 20 years and represents one of the largest insurance companies in Canada. His Agent never proactively called Dave over that time to ask update questions.

At their meeting, the Agent said to Dave:

  • “These are unbelievable questions you’re asking me.”
  • With your current coverage, you couldn’t rebuild your basement or your garage.”
  • “You’re right, we should have reviewed this years ago.”

Dave’s comments to his Realtor who gave him the HomeGuard Policy Audit:

  • “This level of service from my agent for over $4,500 in commissions over the years? Really?”
  • “I’m so grateful to you. You aren’t a typical Real Estate agent.”
  • “I’m telling my friends and family what you did for me. And I’m showing them this Insurance Audit.”

Your Opportunity

life-insurane-advisorHomeGuard has discovered 40 items where home owners may potentially be vulnerable to receive a fraction of what they expect to receive if they need their insurance policy.  You may also be missing out on discounts you should have received years earlier.

If you have a lot of “Daves” in your data base of clients and prospects, you’re in a position to help protect them, and get credit for it!


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round-larryLarry Hoover is President of HomeGuard, Canada’s premier partner helping Financial Planners and Realtors stand out from their competition using creative marketing techniques.