DIY Home Improvement Fails

DIY Home Improvement Fails

Have you ever watched America’s Funniest Home Videos?

I recently met a client who had (barely) made it through a disastrous DIY (Do It Yourself) home improvement project and was reminded of this video.

While we can laugh at the video, the truth is that a DIY disaster can be costly, dangerous and your home insurance policy may not even cover your loss!

You need to be especially cautious with projects that involve your home’s plumbing or electrical system.

Accidents can happen either during or because of, DIY work.  Water can cause extensive damage to your home and electrical issues can kill.

If an accident does happen, your home insurance claim could be denied if the plumbing or electrical work was not done by a licensed professional.

Not sure what your home insurance policy covers?  Are you at risk of a denied claim?  Call me at 1-800-799-9040 for a HomeGuard Property Insurance Audit.  I’ll conduct a thorough audit of your insurance policy (or policies) and provide you with a simple report outlining the risks in your coverage that I find.

I always find things that need to be addressed!


Larry Hoover is the President of HomeGuard, Canada’s premier provider of Property Insurance Audits and Professional Home Inventories. 

When reviewing a policy, he always finds something that you need to clarify or change.  He helps rental property owners stay protected and informed. 

Contact him today at 1-800-799-9040 to order the HomeGuard Property Insurance Audit.