Exceptional Service Spotlight – Blair Tinianov of Louis Meier Insurance Brokers

Exceptional Service Spotlight – Blair Tinianov of Louis Meier Insurance Brokers

Welcome to the first edition of a new occasional series here on the HomeGuard Blog, Larry’s Exceptional Service Spotlight!

Since founding HomeGuard in 2014, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and working with a number of professionals who excel at what they do.  I believe that exceptional service is all too rare these days and want to highlight some of the people I’ve encountered who excel in this regard.

Meet Blair Tinianov of Louis Meier Insurance Brokers

IBAwardsBlair Tinianov is the owner of Louis Meier Insurance Brokers.  Founded in 1963, the company has expertise in Home, Auto and Commercial insurance.  It took me 6 months after leaving the brokerage industry to discover Blair – he’s a rare breed who invests time in caring for his clients.

He excels by:

  • Returning calls/emails in a timely fashion.
  • Requoting his clients’ Home policies even if their premium increases by $10, without being asked.
  • Fighting for his clients.  For example, he investigated, fought and won a battle to have a client reimbursed for a $150,000 property claim initially rejected by the insurance company
  • Knowing the business.  He recently investigated an auto accident involving a client and had their “at fault” reversed to “not at fault”.

How to contact Blair

You can learn more about Blair’s brokerage online at www.louismeier.com or via email at info@louismeier.com.  If you prefer to connect the old-fashioned way, give Blair a ring toll-free at 1.866.535.6418.


Have you received exceptional service from Blair?  Tell us in the comments below!

Thank you, Blair, for providing exceptional service to the people whom I’ve connected you with – you were the perfect choice for our first Larry’s Exceptional Service Spotlight.

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