Get the HomeGuard Advantage for Realtors!

Get the HomeGuard Advantage for Realtors!

What are you going to do differently from everyone else as we approach the busy 2017 Real Estate market?

Are you a Realtor trying to secure more listings? Sure, who isn’t?

HomeGuard supports Realtors, and they’re telling us getting more listings is their greatest challenge. It’s a different market from a few years ago, a sellers’ market, with no change in sight. Many Realtors are spending more money on conventional marketing tools like signage, radio and other print. However, the reward, if any, is often temporary.

Ready to try something almost no one else is doing?

The HomeGuard Advantage for Realtors – This Could Be You

One of our Realtor Partners was interviewed by a listing couple, competing with two other Realtors. Before their decision was made, he had HomeGuard review their existing home insurance policy. This audit uncovered vulnerabilities they weren’t aware of. They admitted that in over 20 years, no insurance person had ever phoned them to explain updates or their coverages in such detail. They assumed they were protected. They assumed they were paying a fair premium.

Our Realtor Partner won the listing because they showed they cared and stood out from their competition.

Have you ever had someone sell you something to help support your business, then never hear from them again unless they want to sell you more?

realtorWe don’t work that way. That’s not a strong, responsible relationship focused on you.

How does it work?

Let’s talk.

A 10-minute chat is all it takes to learn more. What’s the downside?

Give me a call today at 1-800-799-9040. Or email at

Let’s build a partnership that will ensure you stand out from your competition.

The 2017 Real Estate market will be even more challenging. Time for something different!

Larry Hoover is President of HomeGuard, Canada’s premier partner helping Realtors secure more listings and stand out from their competition.

Contact him today at 1-800-799-9040 to learn more about the HomeGuard Advantage for Realtors.