Have You Had Your Home/Cottage Insurance Policy Audited Recently?

Have You Had Your Home/Cottage Insurance Policy Audited Recently?

It was great meeting so many Realtors at the Barrie & District Association of Realtors Reign Conference last week!

In the coming days, HomeGuard will be conducting Home Insurance Audits for several of the Realtors who connected with us.

We provide complimentary audits to all Realtors who join our program.  Why?  Because we know that once they see the results of their own audit, they will immediately understand the value of providing them to their prospects and clients.

Don’t believe me?  Here’s what one local Realtor had to say.

I personally conducted Home & Cottage Insurance Policy Audits for Jim Gardiner of the Gardiner Muskoka Team early this year.  He wrote about the experience in his Spring Newsletter:

Do you know how your current cottage and home insurance company is rated by J.D. Power for Overall Customer Satisfaction? Have you ever had your home and/or cottage insurance policies reviewed by an independent, unbiased reviewer? The stories of cottage and home owner’s distressing experiences when it comes time to make a claim (hopefully you will never have to make a claim) are alarming. If you would be interested in having both your home and cottage insurance policies reviewed and a comprehensive report prepared for you, we have negotiated a special discounted rate for the readers of our Newsletter for this service, provided by Larry Hoover from HomeGuard. Iris and I have recently had this service performed on our home insurance policy and found the input provided to be very educational and worthwhile. We discovered we were missing some key coverages, or didn’t have sufficient coverage in some areas, and have now updated our policy accordingly.”

Thank you, Jim, for sharing your HomeGuard experience with your readers!  If you’re interested in subscribing to Jim’s newsletter, you can do so here.

So what are you waiting for?

Jim & Iris are now properly protected in the event of a claim and avoid a personal catastrophe.  We always find things you need to address, so don’t assume you’re properly protected and paying a fair premium.  Your clients will also be vulnerable, sharing a Policy Audit with them will reflect on you, you’ll get credit for showing how much you care.


A 10-minute chat is all it takes to learn more. What’s the downside?

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round-larryLarry Hoover is President of HomeGuard, Canada’s premier partner helping Financial Planners and Realtors stand out from their competition using creative marketing techniques.