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The insurance company isn’t as concerned about the size of the cheque. They are more concerned about the processing time and accuracy of the claim.  They need proof that you owned those items.  A Home Inventory report makes both mine and the client’s life a lot easier.

–  Insurance Claims Adjuster

Up to 80% of the delay in settling a contents claim is waiting for their Home Inventory.

–  Insurance Claims Adjuster

It took me a year before my claim was closed. I’m still remembering damaged items I wasn’t reimbursed for because I had no inventory.

–  Burst Pipe Victim

After the fire, the remediation people hired by my insurance company removed my files containing my receipts. Since I had no inventory, this made my task much more difficult.

–  Fire Victim

I was completely unprepared for the time, energy and toll it took on my family to get back on our feet after the accident.

– Fire Victim

My wife lost her engagement ring. It was very stressful proving its quality and value to be fairly reimbursed.

– Lost Ring Victim 

The Movers loaded a box labelled jewellery. It never arrived at our new home. With a Home Inventory, we would have been reimbursed more fairly, and quicker.

–  Moving Day, Home Owner  


95% of people do not have a home inventory, yet almost 100% of people submitting an insurance claim will require one. Building a home inventory from memory is nearly impossible.
In 2013,  the year of the Alberta and GTA floods severe weather caused property damage and losses of $3.2 billion.


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