Why Did Debbie Do It?

Why Did Debbie Do It?

I’m regularly asked to speak to Realtors & Financial Planners about the importance of Home Insurance Audits.  Last month, I decided to try something different at a seminar I was conducting.  After sharing some of the horror stories that HomeGuard Home Insurance Audits have revealed, I offered a free Audit to everyone in the room.

Out of the entire group of 42, only Debbie took me up on my offer.  The results were shocking.

  • Has owned homes for 32 years.
  • Has never received a call from her insurance person to ask her update questions about her house, nor to educate her on how to properly protect her 2 largest physical assets: her house & its contents.
  • Had 6 moderate to significant items needing to be addressed including a potential claim denied if she needed her insurance.
  • We also discovered 2 discounts she never received credit for going back years.

The total commissions paid over the years to her insurance broker were $3,200 (and that’s only on her house insurance, total commissions from her auto insurance would have been more than that)!

I also audit 3 items relating to car insurance.  When auditing Debbie’s policy, I found that she had only 50% of what she should have had on a common, critical coverage that could have cost her tens of thousands of dollars out of pocket.  Increasing this coverage to a responsible amount may have only cost an additional ~$40 a year.

She’s been ignored!

What I don’t understand.

Woman covering her ears with fingers and shoutingAs mentioned, I offered a free Audit to all 42 participants, but Debbie was the only one to take me up on it.  Why did those other 41 cling to the mistaken belief that “It Won’t Happen To Me”?

I asked Debbie why she took me up on the offer.   Here’s her reply:

“I never had a call to educate or update me, I heard water claims were increasing, and coverages were dropping, I wanted to ensure I’m properly protected, I’m relieved you identified other items to address, as I would never have known.”

Debbie is now properly protected in the event of a claim and avoid a personal catastrophe.  We always find things you need to address, so don’t assume you’re properly protected and paying a fair premium.  Your clients will also be vulnerable, sharing a Policy Audit with them will reflect on you, you’ll get credit for showing how much you care.

The question is, are you Debbie or are you one of the other 41 who still thinks “It Won’t Happen To Me”?


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